The Catastrophe

Follow the above link to a little miniseries that Al-Jazeera is doing on Al-Nakba. Al-Nakba or “The Catastrophe” is what Palestinians call the loss of their land in 1948 at the hands of Israeli Zionists. A few reflections from the first part:

  • Even the fact that Palestinians refer to the events of 1948 as “The Catastrophe” indicates that there is another side to a complex story that is only told from a pro-Israeli perspective here in the West.
  • The establishment of Israel was not the result of a gracious act of God to give the Land to his people but rather the result of Britain’s colonialist aims to establish a pro-Western state in the Middle East.
  • Zionism often couches this unjust and oppressive political agenda in spiritual language. The name of God is invoked in order to legitimate an unjust cause.
  • The presence of Eastern Orthodox Christians in Palestine is usually ignored because a Christian presence there does not fit into a framework that desires to paint all Palestinians as backwards “Muhammadans.”
  • Western Christians who are under the assumption that being a Christ follower comes with an unquestioned support of the modern state of Israel have been duped into supporting a cause that is about corrupt political power-grabbing and Western colonialism. We take the name of God in vain when we claim that God is behind the illegal occupation of Palestine.

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