Sufjan Stevens and Christian Song Writing

“Anything that Jesus is Lord of is something I can write a song about. And Jesus is Lord of all things. This means I can write about anything.” – Derek Webb

Yesterday in my Rock, Faith and Pop Culture class I was reminded of why I love artists like Sufjan Stevens and Derek Webb so much. Their music reeks of real life. Contrary to what a lot of lame, artistically challenged Christian music communicates, the life of discipleship involves more than being happy all the time and only ever thinking about Jesus. What about the happenings of everyday life? What about relationships with other people? What about questions and doubts? What about putting lights on the Christmas tree?


2 responses to “Sufjan Stevens and Christian Song Writing

  1. Definately man. I’m becoming more and more encouraged by good Christian artists. I really hope that our worship music in church becomes more like this. The Christian life is lived out in the “mean-times” where it’s the daily grind and doing every day actions. I don’t like how most Christian music idolizes the high times when things are going so well that we feel apart from God when anything goes wrong.

    • This is mostly a response to the above comment by Justin:
      I agree that lots of Christian music is pretty lame, and that is why I choose not to listen to it most of the time. It is important though to remember that not all songs are about praising God in the high times. I’ll admit, it is much easier to sing a song to/about God when everything is wonderful but songs like “It is Well With My Soul”, which was written after several tragic events in Spafford’s life, are good examples of Christians (maybe not currently) praising God when things do go wrong. These are examples that we can go to when things go wrong in our lives and don’t feel like listening to lame music.

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