A Call to Prayer

The votes are in and it’s official: Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States. Whether you voted for President-elect Obama or not, one thing is clear as a member of Christ’s body, the church. We need to be praying for him as our leader, asking for God’s wisdom, discernment, and especially protection to rest upon him for the coming years. Pray that President-elect Obama will be diligently seeking the Lord’s guidance throughout his presidency and that his decisions will be honoring to the Father.

May we remember that our allegiance to Christ comes well before our allegiance to our politcal party and that our call is to pray for those in authority over us regardless of our political views.

And let us guard against division. The temptation is to be angry if things did not go your way on November 4th but things like anger, bitterness, and slander only cause more problems. We need to be a people who speak only uplifting words and not curses over our future president. Don’t complain but instead pray. There are going to be plenty of people groups giving the president flak and the church shouldn’t be one of them. We are, however, called to hold him accountable as a member of Christ’s body himself. I pray that we would be a voice of truth, calling President-elect Obama to make decisions in accordance to the will of God. May we remember the difference between honestly holding someone accountable and just straight up slander.

Endorse no one but advise everyone.

Enough with the letters from 2012 and references to the anti-christ.

And last time I checked, God is still reigning supreme from His throne in heaven. So some of you should stop acting like it’s the end of the world because of Obama’s election. Regardless of what happens within the political sphere of our nation the church’s initial response should always be to humbly come before our Father and pray rather than complain and bicker about how you didn’t get your way.


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