The Ushering in of a New Era

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packer fans can take a breath. Aaron Rodgers looked half way decent in his start on Monday night against the Cincinatti Bengals. Granted, it was an exhibition game. Rodgers’ stats included 9/15 passing, 117 yards, a touchdown, and an interception that wasn’t his fault. He kept his composure in the pocket and made some solid passes while also showing off some of his skills as a mobile quaterback.

As a Packer fan, I’ll come right out and say that I support the teams decision to let go of Brett Favre. I love Favre and I am confident that there will never be another Packer quaterback that inspires the world of football like he did. However, I have lost a bit of respect for him as a result of this whole ordeal. I’m not a fan of come-back-from-retirement sort of decisions to begin with but this one in particular caused a certain unrest within me. I don’t really agree with the way Brett decided to go about coming back. It seems that he waltzed back into Green Bay expecting the team to take him back with open arms and when they didn’t the drama began. I understand that Favre is a legend but when you say you are going to retire then there isn’t much more you could expect out of a team than to begin building around their new quateback. Aaron Rodgers has more than paid his dues. Sitting on the bench for three years behind Favre and learning from the best, Rodgers had to be crushed when he found out that number 4 was scheming his comeback. Let’s remember that. To tell Rodgers that he was going to have to sit on the bench for another year after being named the new starter of the Pack would be wrong.

I welcome the new Era of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. I look forward to seeing him lead the Packers this next season. As for Jet Favre, well, I suppose he deserves a ‘good luck’ as well.


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