A New Shade of Green

I will begin by giving credit where credit is due. Shout out to Cale who introduced me to design: e2. It has forever changed me and I owe you thanks for that.

In a nutshell, design: e2 is a documentary that aired on PBS in 2006 that discusses the importance of green architecture in a world of limited resources. All six episodes are great in their own way but I found the second especially inspiring. It was this episode that introduced the concept of community when it comes to building sustainably and it blew my mind. I have realized the importance of getting the local community on board with whatever needs to be done so that they are not only willing, but also excited to carry on the work that has been started by professionals. If we can get small, local groups of people excited about building sustainably then not only will an impact be made but healthy community begins to develop on a broader scale.

Think globally, act locally…

Here’s the link to all six episodes:




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